CWSC Projects

The Centre is involved in a number of projects related to White Space technology and the social implications of its use. The links below provide information on some of our projects. A key aim of the Centre is to work in partnership with industry, on industry-relevant projects that have genuine value. Candidate project areas include:

UHF radio design
Point-toPoint backhaul network
MAC layer design
Advanced MIMO architectures
Rural broadband deployment
Femtocell and M2M support
Radio frequency planning
Propagation over water and through walls
Cognitive radio
Low-power basestation design

ARIA: Affordable Rural Internet Access

Another project the centre is involved in is the EPSRC-funded project

Enabling Affordable Rural Internet Access with Dynamic Spectrum Access and Software Defined Radio

Read more about this on the project site.

5G Ruralfirst

UK government funded testbed, 5G Ruralfirst, to help the UK take a leading position in 5G, enabling some of the UK’s disconnected, remote and rural communities to be the first to benefit from the technology. 

Read more about this on the project site.